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Simple questions have been given in this article which will help in sharpening your intelligence. ( 100 easy general knowledge questions and answers )

100 easy general knowledge questions and answers pdf

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100 easy general knowledge questions and answers

  1. Which gas is found the most in the atmosphere

Answer. nitrogen

  1. What is the permanent element of the atmosphere

Answer. water vapour

  1. Earth’s atmosphere is heated by

Answer. by radiation

  1. Which inert gas is the largest in the atmosphere

Answer. argon

  1. Which gas is responsible for the greenhouse effect

Answer. carbon dioxide (CO2)

  1. Which gas protects us from getting scorched by the intense rays of the sun?

Answer. ozone

  1. The process of increase in temperature in the earth’s atmosphere by absorption of reflected infrared radiation from the earth’s surface is called

Answer. Green House Effect

  1. What is the percentage of nitrogen in the atmosphere

Answer. 78%

  1. What is the average height of the troposphere from the surface

Answer. 14 km

  1. Which circle is also called convection zone

Answer. Troposphere

11.When is International Human Rights Day celebrated?

Answer. December 10

12.Which country shares its land border with most countries?

Answer. China

13.What is a sharp drop in the reading of the barometer?
Answer. of the storm

14.What is the name of Indian desert?
Answer. Thar

15.In which state is the Kaziranga National Sanctuary located?
Answer. Assam

16.In which direction does the earth rotate on its axis?
Answer. West to East

17.On the banks of which river is Ujjain situated?

Answer. Shipra

18.Which metal is the best conductor of electricity?

Answer. Silver

19.What is mainly found in Gobar gas?

Answer. Methane

20.Deficiency of which vitamin does not stop blood clotting?

Answer. Vitamin K

21.When is Hindi Day celebrated?

Answer. 14 September

22.By which article of the constitution Hindi was declared as the national language?

Answer. Article 343

23.After how many years the Olympic Games are held?

Answer. 4 years

24.The verses of how many Gurus are recorded in Sri Guru Granth Sahib?

Answer. 6

25.The verses of how many devotees are recorded in Sri Guru Granth Sahib?

Answer. 15

26.How many Bhats’ verses are recorded in Sri Guru Granth Sahib? (100 easy general knowledge questions and answers)

Answer. 11

27. How many ragas are recorded in Sri Guru Granth Sahib?

Answer. 31

28. How many parts are there in Sri Guru Granth Sahib?

Answer. 1430

29.How many times are recorded in Sri Guru Granth Sahib?

Answer. 22

30. Which is the first raga in Sri Guru Granth Sahib?

Answer. sree raga

31.Which is the last raga in Sri Guru Granth Sahib?

Answer. jaijavanti raga

32. Which Guru Sahib blessed Sri Guru Granth Sahib?

Answer. sri guru govind sinhg ji

33. When did Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji get Guruya?

Answer. 1708 A.D.

34. Where was the birth of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji?

Answer. patna sahib

35. At which place were the great Sahibzades of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji martyred?

Answer. chamkaur sahib

36.At which place were the younger sons of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji martyred?

Answer. sirhind ( fatehgarh sahib )

37. How many poets were there in the court of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji?

Answer. 52

38. When did Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji create the Khalsa?

Answer. 1600 A.D.

39. Which Nagara was prepared by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji?

Answer. ranjit nagra

40.What is the name of the world famous letter written by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji to Aurangzeb?

answer. zafarnama

41.When did Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji light the flame?

answer. 1708A.D.

42.Who became famous as ‘Lohitwadi’?

Answer. – Gopal Hari Deshmukh

43. Who led the rebels in Jagdishpur during the revolt of 1857?

Answer. – Kunwar Singh

44.What was ‘Dar-ul-Shafa’ during the Sultanate period?

Answer. – Hospital

45.Who established the department called ‘Diwan-e-Amir Kohi’, which was related to agriculture?

Answer. – Muhammad bin Tughlaq

46. Which South Indian kingdom did Akbar attack first?

Answer.- At Ahmednagar

47.Who was the Peshwa during the third battle of Panipat?

Answer.- Balaji Bajirao

48.Vikramshila Mahavihara was founded by the rulers of which dynasty?

Answer. – By the rulers of the Pala dynasty

49.Tolkapiyam in Tamil is a book related to which subject?

Answer. – From Tamil Grammar

50. Gayatri Mantra is addressed to Sun Goddess Gayatri in which book?

Answer.- In the Rigveda Samhita

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51.Which Sikh Guru was hanged by Sikh Rangzeb?

Answer.- To Guru Teg Bahadur Ji

52. In which session of the Congress was the oath of ‘Pooran Swaraj’ taken? 100 easy general knowledge questions and answers

Answer.- In Lahore Session (1929)

53. Which Viceroy was assassinated by a prisoner during the voyage to Andaman?

Answer. – Lord Mayo

54. Who is called the ‘Saviour of the Indian Press’?

Answer. – Sir Charles Metcalf and Lord Macaulay

55. Who was the president of Surat session of Indian National Congress?

Answer. – Rash Bihari Ghosh

56. Who called Bal Gangadhar Tilak the father of Indian unrest?

Answer. – Valentine Chirol

57. Who founded ‘Abhinav Bharat’ in London in 1904?

Answer.- Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

58.Who was the Viceroy of India when the Non-Cooperation Movement started? (100 easy general knowledge questions and answers)

Answer. – Lord Chelmsford

59. Where did Mahatma Gandhi start the first successful Satyagraha movement after returning from South Africa?

Answer. – In Champaran

60. In which year the capital of India was changed from Kolkata (Calcutta) to Delhi?

Answer. – 1911 AD

62. Who was the leader of those who threw a bomb at the Governor General of India, Lord Hardinge, at Delhi’s Chandni Chowk on December 23, 1912?

Answer. – Rash Behari Bose

63. What is the nature of heat wave?

Ans: Hot and dry

64. Where does the loo move

Ans: Northern India-Pakistan

65.Nature of Haboob

Ans: Sudan target base

66. What is the nature of Chinook or Snow Eater 100 easy general knowledge questions and answers

Ans: Hot and dry

67. Where does Chinook or Snow Eater operate?

Ans: Rocky Mountains

68. What is the nature of Mistral

Ans: Cold

69. Where does the Mistral run?

Ans : Spain-France

70. What is the nature of Harmattan

Ans: Hot and dry

71. Where does Harmattan run

Ans: West Africa

72.What is the nature of Sirocco

Ans: Hot and dry

73.Where does Sirocco run

Ans: Sahara desert

74.What is the nature of Simon

Ans: Hot and dry

75.Where does Simon run (100 easy general knowledge questions and answers)

Ans : Arab desert target base

76.What is the nature of Bora

Ans: Cold and dry

77.Where does Bora run?

Ans: Italy, Hungary

78.What is the nature of Bizzard

Ans: Cold

79.Where does Bizzard run?

Ans: Tundra region

80.What is the nature of Levanter

Ans: Cold

80.Where does Levanter move?

Ans: Spain

81.What is the nature of brick fielder

Ans: Hot and dry

82.Where does the brick fielder run?

Ans: Australia (100 easy general knowledge questions and answers)

83.What is the nature of frizem 100 easy general knowledge questions and answers

Ans: Cold

84.Where does Frigem operate?

Ans: Brazil

85.What is the nature of Papagayo?

Ans: Cold and dry

86.Where does Papagio go to?

Ans: Mexico

87.What is the nature of Khamsin

Ans: Hot and dry

88.Where does Khamsin run

Ans: Egypt

89. How is the nature of Solano

Ans: Hot and humid

90.Where does Solano run

Ans: Sahara

91.What is the nature of Punaj

Ans: Cold and dry (100 easy general knowledge questions and answers)

92.Where does Punaj walk?

Ans: Andes Mountains

93.What is the nature of Purga

Ans: Cold

94.Where does Purga run?

Ans: Siberia

95.What is the nature of novelist

Ans: Hot

96.Where does Novester operate?

Ans: New Zealand

97.What is the nature of Santa Ana like

Ans: Hot and dry

98.Where does Santa Ana run 100 easy general knowledge questions and answers

Ans: California

99.What is the nature of Shamal

Ans: Hot and dry

100.Where does Shamal run?

Ans: Iraq, Iran

101.What is the nature of Zonda

Ans: Hot and dry

102.Where does Zonda run?

Ans: Argentina

103.What is the nature of Pampero

Ans: Cold

104. What was the maximum rule of the Harappan civilization yesterday?

Ans:- 2500 BC – 1750 BC (about 8000 years old)

105. Indus civilization was not a contemporary of which civilization?

Ans:- Civilization of Crit

106.How far did the Indus Valley civilization spread?

Ans:- Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Balochistan and Sindh

107. Where were the remains of horse found in the Indus Valley Civilization?

Ans:- Surkotada

108.: Where is the Kalibangan site of Indus Valley Civilization stable?

Ans:- In Rajasthan

109.Which metal was used in the manufacture of coins during the Harappan period?

Ans:- Selkhadi

110. Which era belonged to the Harappan Civilization or the Indus Valley Civilization?

Ans:- Cannes era

111.What was the main occupation of the people in Indus Valley Civilization?

Ans:- Business

112.: Which type of people were the inhabitants of Harappan Civilization?

Ans:- Urban

113. In the Indus Valley Civilization houses were made from?

Ans:- By brick

114. The inhabitants of the Indus Valley Civilization were the first (highest) to produce which item?

Ans:- Cotton

115.Who was the discoverer of Harappan Civilization?

Ans:- Dayaram Sahni

13.Q: Which was the port of Indus Valley Civilization?

Ans:- Lotham

14.Q: The discovery of the scale has proved that the people of the Indus Valley were familiar with measurement and weighing. Where did this discovery take place?

Ans:- Lotham

116.Into which classes was the Harappan society divided?

Ans:- Scholars, Warriors, Traders and Workers

117.: Which was the most appropriate name of Indus Valley Civilization?

Ans:- Harappan Civilization (100 easy general knowledge questions and answers)

118.In which year was the Harappan Civilization discovered?

Ans:- In 1921 AD

119.Which deity was respected the most in the Harappan Civilization?

120. How was the social system of the people of Harappan Civilization?

Ans:- Fair egalitarian

121.Which ancient site of the Harappan civilization has been called “The Garden of Sindh”?

Ans:- Mohenjodaro (100 easy general knowledge questions and answers)

GK Question And Answer

1. In which year did the Cuban crisis originate?

Answer – 1962

2. Warsaw Pact was the military group of which country?

Answer – Soviet Union

3. Iraq had hijacked Kuwait to capture which resource?

Answer – For oil

4. When is World Women’s Day celebrated?

Answer- March 8

5. When do we celebrate World Environment Day?

Answer- June 5

6. What was the aim of the Chipko movement?

Answer- Indiscriminate cutting of trees should be stopped

7. In which year Harappa was excavated for the first time?

Answer- 1981

8. By whom was the first tobacco plant brought to India?

Answer – by the Portuguese

9. Who was the Vizier of Akbar?

Answer – Bairam Khan

10. When was the battle of Khanwa?

uttr- 1527

Question 11. Who founded the Gurjara Pratihara dynasty?
Answer – Nagbhatta I

Question 12. Who made Kannauj the capital of the Pratihara kingdom?
Answer – Nagabhatta II

Question 13. Which river has been considered by the famous scholar Rajasekhara as the boundary line of Aryavarta and Dakshinapatha?
Answer – Narmada River

Question 14. Sir, whose name is it?
North – Kannauj

Question 15. Which Chauhan ruler is known as “Prithviraj Chauhan”?
Answer – Prithviraj III

Question 16. Who built the ‘Harshnath Temple’ of Sikar?
Answer – Guvak I (Chauhan dynasty)

Question 17. The boundaries of which dynasty are known as ‘Sapadlaksh’?
Answer – Chauhan

Question 18. With whom are the tales of Alha-Udal related?
Answer – Mahoba

Question 19. Which dynasty imposed ‘Turushkadanda’ tax on Muslim traders?
Answer – Gahadwal

Question 20. Who is the presiding deity of ‘Bhojshala Temple’?
Answer – Bhagwati Saraswati

Question 11: Which ruler of the Paramara dynasty defeated the Chalukya king Tailapa II six times?
Answer – Eloquent Munj

Question 12 Who was the founder of Pala dynasty?
Answer – Gopal

Question 13: Which ruler of Pala dynasty has been described as ‘Utarapath Swami’ by the Gujarati poet Sodhal in Uday Sundari Katha?
Answer – Dharampal

Question 14 Who composed the book ‘Adbhut Sagar’ related to astronomy?
Answer – Ballal Sen

Question 15: Which of the following rulers has the distinction of running a new Samvat?
Dharmapala / Devpal / Vijaysen / Laxmansen
Answer – Laxmansen

Question 16: Jejakabhukti was the ancient name of?
Baghelkhand / Bundelkhand / Malwa / Vidarbha
North – Bundelkhand

Question 17: Which ruler of the Chalukya dynasty of Gujarat provided financial assistance for the reconstruction of the destroyed mosque in Khambhat?
Answer – Jaisingh Siddharaj

Question 18: The coins of which ruler of the Kalchuri dynasty of Tripuri bear the inscription ‘Seated Lakshmi’?
Answer – Galactic God

Question 19 Who was the founder of the Hindu royal dynasty?
Answer – Kallar

Question 20 Who was the author of ‘Brihatkatha Manjari’?
Answer – Kshemendra

100 easy general knowledge questions and answers

1.:- Accumulation of which acid in the muscles causes tiredness?
Ans:- Lactic acid

2.:- Which acid is found in grapes?
Ans :- Tartaric acid

3.: – The study of cancer related diseases is called
Ans: – Organology

4.:- Which is the longest cell in the human body?
Ans:- Nerve cell

5.:- Of which substance are the teeth mainly made?
Ans :- of dentine

6.:- Which animal’s shape is like a slipper?
Ans:- Paramecium

7.:- How many eyes does an earthworm have?
Ans :- Not even one

8.:- Carrot is a rich source of which vitamin?
Ans:- Vitamin A

9.: – In which of the following substances protein is not found?
Ans :- Rice

10.:- How many grams is the human brain?
Answer:- 1350

11.:- The metal found in the blood is
Ans:- -Iron

12.: – An example of fermentation is
Ans: – Souring of milk, making of bread to be eaten, sourness of wet flour

13.:- Which of the following food provides nutrients for the growth of new tissues in the human body?
Ans :- Paneer

14.:- Which of the following is a flying lizard?
Ans :- Draco

15.:- Which is the only snake to make a nest?
Ans :- King Cobra

16.:- Which is the biggest fish found in India?
Ans :- Whale shark

17.:- Pulses are a good source of?
Ans:- Protein

18.:- Why does the fragrance come from the country ghee?
Ans :- Due to diacetyl

19.:- Which color is deflected more in the rainbow?
Ans:- Red color

20.:- Who invented television?
Ans :- J. Ale. Baird

21:- Why does diamond appear shiny?
Ans :- Due to collective internal reflection

22.:- What is mainly found in ‘Gobar Gas’.
Ans :- Methane

23.:- Which instrument is used to measure the purity of milk?
Ans :- Lactometer

24.:- Which is the most abundant metal element on earth?
Ans :- Aluminum

25.:- Of which substance is the pearl mainly made?
Ans :- Calcium carbonate

26.:- Which element is found in maximum quantity in the human body?
Ans :- Oxygen

27.:- Which type of tissue acts as a protective shield of the body?
Ans :- Epithelium tissue

28.:- Which animal did man first make as his pet?
Ans :- Dog

29.:- Which scientist first melted two pieces of ice by rubbing them together?
Ans :- Davy

30.:- Who produces the highest intensity sound?
Ans :- Tiger

31.:- When sound waves move, they carry with them
Ans :- -Energy

32.:- Which part of the Sun is visible at the time of solar eclipse?
Ans:- Kirit

33.:- How many colors are there in the rays of the sun?
Answer:- 7

34.:- Who is the inventor of ‘typewriter’ (typing machine)?
Ans :- Sholes

35.:- What is vinegar called in Latin language.
Ans :- Acetam

36.:- Used to remove rust spots from clothes
Ans :- -Oxalic acid

37.:- What causes ‘red rot disease’ in sugarcane?
Ans :- by fungi

38.:- What is the botanical name of Mango?
Ans :- Mangifera indica

39.:- ‘Chicory powder’ mixed with coffee powder is obtained
Ans :- -From the roots

40.:- What is the best source of ‘Vitamin-C’?
Ans:- Amla

100 easy general knowledge questions and answers

1.Rajiv Gandhi International Airport – Hyderabad, Telangana

2.Shri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport – Amritsar, Punjab

3. Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport – Guwahati, Assam

4. Biju Patnaik International Airport – Bhubaneswar, Odisha

5. Gaya Airport – Gaya, Bihar

6. Indira Gandhi International Airport – New Delhi, Delhi

7.Veer Savarkar International Airport – Andaman and Nicobar Islands

8.Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport – Ahmedabad, Gujarat

9. Kempegowda International Airport – Bengaluru, Karnataka

10. Mangalore International Airport – Mangalore, Karnataka

11.Cochin International Airport – Kochi, Kerala

12. Calicut International Airport – Kozhikode, Kerala

13.Trivandrum International Airport – Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

14. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport – Mumbai, Maharashtra

15.Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport – Nagpur, Maharashtra

16.Jaipur International Airport – Jaipur, Rajasthan

17.Chennai International Airport – Chennai, Tamil Nadu

18. Tiruchirappalli International Airport – Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu

19.Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport – Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

20. Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport – Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

21.Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport – Kolkata, West Bengal

22. Kannur International Airport – Kannur, Kerala

23.Surat Airport – Surat, Gujarat

24.Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport – Indore, Madhya Pradesh

25. Dabolim Airport – Dabolim, Goa

26.Coimbatore International Airport – Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

27.Sheikh Ul-Alam International Airport – Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

28.Imphal International Airport – Imphal, Manipur

29. Madurai Airport – Madurai, Tamil Nadu

30.Bagdogra International Airport – Siliguri, West Bengal

31. Mangalore International Airport – Mangalore, Karnataka

32.Chandigarh International Airport – Chandigarh

33.Nashik Airport – Nashik, Maharashtra

34. Vadodara Airport – Vadodara, Gujarat

100 easy general knowledge questions and answers

What is the place of India in the world in terms of area – Seventh

● What is India’s place in the world in terms of population – second

What are the countries in the north of India- China, Nepal, Bhutan

Which country is in the east of India- Bangladesh

Which country is in the west of India- Pakistan

Which sea is in the south west of India – Arabian Sea

● Which gulf is in the south-east of India – Bay of Bengal

Which ocean is in the south of India – Indian Ocean

The hills of Purvanchal separate India from which country – from Myanmar

The Gulf of Mannar and the Pak Strait separate India from which country – from Sri Lanka

● How much is the latitudinal expansion of the whole of India – 8° 4′ to 37° 6′ northern latitude

● Which line passes through the middle of India – Tropic of Cancer

● How much is the expansion from north to south of India – 3214 km

What is the expansion of India from east to west – 2933 km

Where is the Andaman-Nicobar Islands located – in the Bay of Bengal

Where is Lakshadweep located – in the Arabian Sea

What is the southern end of India called – Indira Point

● Indira Point is also known by what other name – Pygmalion Point

● How much is the area of ​​India in the area of ​​the world – 2. 42%

What % of the total population of the world lives in India – 17%

● How much is the total area of ​​India – 32,87,263 square kilometers

● Which countries are connected to the land border of India- Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan

Which countries meet India’s water border – Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan

The Tropic of Cancer passes through which states – Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Tripura and Mizoram

What is the latitude of the southern border of the mainland of India – 8°4′

Where is India’s standard time taken from – from a place called Naini near Allahabad

● What is the difference between India’s standard time and Greenwich time – 5 1/2

What is the distance from the equator to the south end of India – 876 km

What is the length of India’s land border – 15200 km

What is the length of the coastline of the mainland of India – 6100 km

100 easy general knowledge questions and answers

🔲 By which act autonomy was granted to the provinces in
India Ans- Government of India Act, 1935

🔲 The advantage of unitary system of governance is Ans- Strong state

🔲 The Constituent Assembly by which the Constitution of India was enacted, its members were
Ans- Elected by the Legislative Assemblies of different provinces.

🔲 From where the emergency provisions have been taken in the Indian Constitution
Ans- Government of India Act, 1935

At whose behest the Constituent Assembly of India was formed
Ans- Cabinet Mission

🔲 Who was the President of the Constituent Assembly of India
Ans- Dr. Rajendra Prasad

🔲 What kind of justice has been talked about in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution?
Ans- Social, economic, political justice has been talked about.

🔲 In the preamble of the constitution, India has been declared as
Ans- A sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic.

🔲 When did India become a full sovereign democratic republic
Ans- November 26, 1949

🔲 How many times the Preamble of the Constitution was amended
Ans- Once

🔲 Where has the word ‘federal’ been used in the Indian Constitution Ans-
Nowhere in the Constitution

🔲 In Article 1 of the Indian Constitution, it has been declared that “India ie Bharat” is ……….
Ans- Union of States.

🔲 In which article India is also called Bharat
Ans- Article 1

🔲 What type of federalism is seen in India
Ans- Formation of states by forming union

🔲 When the Indian Constitution came into force
Ans- January 26, 1950

🔲 Who was the constitutional advisor of the Constituent Assembly at the time of the creation of the Indian Constitution Ans- BN Rao

In which system of government bicameral system is an essential feature
Ans- Federal system

🔲 What kind of country is India?
Ans- Democracy

In India, the concept of single citizenship has been adopted from
Ans- England

🔲 Which part of the constitution deals with the provisions of citizenship –
Ans- II

🔲 Indian dialogues are near
Ans- Canada’s

🔲 Indian constitution took the plan of Indian federation from whose constitution
Ans- Canada

🔲 Who is considered the creator of the Constitution of India?
Ans- B.R. Ambedkar

100 easy general knowledge questions and answers

❇ National Flag of India :- Tricolor
❇ National Anthem of India :- Jana-Gan-Mana
❇ National Song of India :- Vande Mataram
❇ National Symbol of India :- Ashoka Pillar
❇ National Calendar of India :- Saka Samvat
❇ of India National sentence :- Satyamev Jayate
❇ Nationality of India :- Indianness

❇ National language of India :- Hindi
❇ National script of India :- Dev Nagri
❇ National flag song of India :- Lovely flag of Hind country
❇ National slogan of India :- Shramev Jayate
❇ Father of India :- Mahatma Gandhi

❇ National Foreign Policy of India :- Non-alignment
❇ National Award of India :- Bharat Ratna
❇ National Bulletin of India :- White Paper
National Tree of India :- Banyan
❇National Currency of India :- Rupee
❇National River of India :- Ganges
❇National Bird of India :- Peacock
❇National Animal of India :- Tiger
❇National Flower of India :- Lotus

❇National Fruit of India :- Mango
❇India National Plan of India :- Five Year Plan
❇ National Game of India :- Hockey
❇ National Sweet of India :- Jalebi
❇ National Dish of India :- Khichdi
❇ Major National Festivals of India :-
26 January (Republic Day),
15 August ( Independence day),

100 easy general knowledge questions and answers

Q1 What is the intensity of sound measured in?
Answer: decibel

Q 2 In which state is Kolleru Lake located?
Answer: Andhra Pradesh

Q 3 By whom was Sanchi Stupa built? Answer: Ashoka

Q 4 What connects bone to bone?
Answer: Ligament

Q 5 When did the Salt Satyagraha happen?
Answer: 12 March 1930

Q 6 Planet Pluto was discovered by
Ans: Clyde Tombaugh

Q 7 Which state is number 1 in fish production?
Answer: Tamil Nadu

Q8 Which gas is present in paddy crops?
Answer: methane ch4

Q 9 Which hormones are found in females
Ans: Estrogen and Progesterone

Q10 Who was the successor of Chandragupta I?
Answer: Samudragupta

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