Bihar GK question answer in English,Bihar General Knowledge : free download pdf 2023

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Here you will know Bihar GK question answer in English, bihar gk question etc. in this article.

Bihar GK question answer in English,Bihar General Knowledge : free download pdf 2020-23,Bihar General Knowledge,

Bihar GK question answer in English

Q_1. On which occasion Lagni Raag is sung in Bihar?
Ans. on the occasion of marriage

Q_2. Sadaqat Ashram is associated with which politician?
Ans. Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Q_3. Who composed Nachari Raag and Lagni Raag?
Ans. Kavi Vidyapati

Q_4. Where did the eminent poet Vidyapati reside?
Ans. Mithila

Q_5. During the time of which great poet of Bihar, the songs of Nachari Raag were sung from house to house?
Ans. Mahakavi Vidyapati

Q 6. At which time ‘Lagni Raag’ was sung mainly in Mithila and Darbhanga districts of Bihar?
Ans. at the time of marriage

Q_8. In which district of Bihar Vikramshila on the Ganges river Has the bridge been built?

Ans. Muzaffarpur

Q_9. Who composed the songs of ‘Phag Raag’ in Bihar?
Ans. By Navalkishore Singh

Q_11. In which year the much-awaited State Women’s Commission has been constituted in Bihar?

Ans. in 2001

Q_12. Ministry of Railways has selected how many railway stations of Bihar state for development as Adarsh station?

Ans. 9 stations

Q_13. Which station of Bihar is not included in the ‘Adarsh station’ by the Ministry of Railways?

Ans. Bhagalpur

Q_14. Which is the first state in the country to give legal powers to the State Minorities Commission?

Ans. A state in Eastern India

Q_15. In which district of Bihar ‘Litchi Research Center’ will be set up with the help of Indian Agricultural Research Center? Patna Darbhanga Muzaffarpur Buxar

Ans. Muzaffarpur

Q_16. Where is ‘Lalit Narayan Mithila University’ located in Bihar?

Ans. In 1972 AD

Q_17. Where is Indira Gandhi Open University located in Bihar?

Ans. Patna

Q_18. Where is Jaiprakash University located in Bihar?

Ans. Chhapra

Q_19. Where is Bhupendra Narayan Mandal University?

Ans. madhepura

Q_20. When was Veer Kunwar Singh University established?

Ans. 1992

Q_21. On which river is the Mahatma Gandhi Setu built in Bihar?

Ans. The River Ganges

Q_22. Why was Nalanda University world famous?

Ans. Buddhism philosophy

Q_23. What were the reasons for the destruction of Nalanda University?

Ans. Muslim

Q_24. Who was the first English traveler to visit Bihar?

Ans. Ralph Fitch

Q_25. Who was the last Maurya emperor?

Ans. brihadratha

Q_26. The Gupta emperor who defeated the Huns?

Ans. sjandagupta

Q_27. Who was the father of Emperor Ashoka?

Ans. Bindusara

Q_.28 The language used in the inscriptions of Ashoka is

Ans. lobe

Q_29. What was the name of the dynasty of Ajatashatru?

Ans. Haryank

Q_30. From which village did Ramchandra Sharma belong?

Ans. amraha

Q_ 31. In which jail Jagat Narayan Lal was sent?

Ans. Bankipur Jail

Q_32. Who is addressed by ‘Bihar Kesari’?

Ans. to Dr. Shri Krishna Singh

Q_33. Which country’s border joins with the state of Bihar? Ans. Nepal

Q_34. What percentage of the old Bihar’s land has become the state of Jharkhand?

Ans. 45.85 percent

Q_35. Who is called the mourning of Bihar? Ans. to someone

Q_36. Which variety of mango is grown only in Bihar?

Ans. white,litharge

Q_37. Formation of Socialist Party in Bihar in the year 1931 During whose tenure was it done?

Ans. Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan

Q_38. Which ruler had appointed Malik Jani as his chieftain in Bihar?

Ans. Iltutmish

Q_39. Where is the tomb of Sher Shah Shuri located in Bihar?

Ans. Rohtas

Q_40. Which Gupta dynasty ruler founded Nalanda in Bihar? When was the monastery founded?

Ans. Kumar I

Q_41. Where did Jainism and Buddhism originate from?

Ans. A state in Eastern India

Q_42. What is the sex ratio in Bihar?

Ans. 918

Q_43. In which year did the Wahabi movement take place in Bihar?

Ans. year 1828

Q_44. In which year a separate province was formed in Bihar?

Was the request submitted?

Ans. year 1906

Q_45. In which year the non-cooperation movement was started in Bihar?

Ans. year 1920

Q_46. Where was the 27th Conference of the Indian National Congress held in Bihar?

Ans. Patna (Bankipur) year 1912

Q_47. In which year Swaraj Dal was formed in Bihar Went ?

Ans. year 1923

Q_48. In which year Salt Satyagraha movement started in Bihar?

Ans. 15 April 1930

Q_49. Who led the Khilafat movement in Bihar in 1919?

Ans. Swami Vidyanand

Q_50. What was the name of the first railway of Bihar state?

Ans. East India Railway

Bihar General Knowledge

👉Bihar is an administrative state in India with its capital at Patna.

👉Nepal is situated in the north of Bihar, West Bengal in the east, Uttar Pradesh in the west and Jharkhand in the south.

👉The total area of ​​the state is 94,163 square kilometers. In terms of area, it is the twelfth place in the country.

👉The official language of Bihar is Hindi, while Urdu is the second official language here.

👉The historical name of Bihar was Magadha and Patna, the capital of Bihar, was earlier known as ‘Pataliputra’, ‘Kusumpur’, ‘Pushppur’, ‘Azimabad’.

👉The state of Bihar is divided into 9 divisions and 38 mandals (districts). In which the districts are divided into 101 sub-divisions, 534 blocks, 8, 471 panchayats, 45,103 villages respectively.

👉In ancient times, Bihar was known as Magadha Pradesh.

👉Lord Buddha had attained enlightenment at a place called Bodh Gaya in Bihar.

👉Nalanda University was established by the efforts of Emperor Kumar Gupta I (Gupta period). Which was also discussed as the best Buddhist education center of India.

👉Megasthenes was the first and famous foreign traveler in Bihar.

👉The name of the first railway started in Bihar in 1860-62 was East India Railway.

👉Patna Museum, the oldest museum of Bihar, was established in 1915 AD. Which was inaugurated by Edward Gate, the Governor of Bihar-Orissa in April 1917.

👉According to the prepared outline of Rajendra Prasad, salt Satyagraha was first started in Champaran and Saran in Bihar from 6th April, 1930.

👉The biggest earthquake occurred in Bihar in the year 1934.

👉Madhubani painting, Patna Kamal style and Manjusha painting style are most notable among the main painting styles of Bihar.

👉The first Chief Minister of Bihar was Shri Krishna Singh and the first Governor was Jairam Das Daulat Ram.

👉The Kosi river is called ‘Bihar’s mourning’.

👉Allahabad Bank was first established in the state of Bihar. Today, State Bank of India has the maximum number of branches in the state.

👉Sir Syed Fazal Ali was the first Indian Chief Justice of Patna High Court.

👉Son canal is the oldest canal of Bihar.

👉The most spoken regional language in Bihar is Maithili

👉The first railway line in Bihar was constructed between Mughalsarai and Kolkata.

👉Paddy is the crop sown in the maximum area in Bihar.

👉The climate of Bihar is monsoonal and moist deciduous forests are found here.

👉Sugar industry is the oldest industry in the state of Bihar.

👉The Legislative Assembly has been constituted in Bihar under Article 170 of the Constitution. Which came into existence independently in 1973 AD.

👉Patna High Court was established in 1916 AD.

Introduction to Bihar

Official nameBihar
installation01 April ,1912
Establishment day22 march bihar day
high Courtpanta
official languagehindi
second official languageurdu
Other languages ​​of the statemaithli,bhojapuri,Magahi,Vajjika and Angika

emblem of bihar

state animalBull
state birdsparrow
state flowerMarigold
The royal treeFicus religiosa
state emblemBodhi Tree
state fishMangur
state merit day30 december
state festivalChhath
highest peakSomeshwar (874 m.)
Bihar’s griefKosi River

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Bihar GK question answer in English live pdf

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